Bang the Movie!

Almost everybody that I know came out to see the NYC premiere of the house music documentary, Bang the Party, at the Big MINIDV Festival held at the Brooklyn Campus at Long Island University.

For those who don’t know about Bang the Party, it was a house music party that was created by 2 of the 3 directors of this fantastic film, Eric “DJ Eman” Clark and Lorie Caval, from 1997 to 2003. During its 6 year tenure, it was a haven (as well as a heaven) for artists and dancers alike and became a worldwide phenomena. The movie captures those years and the many venues it had occupied as well as the people who had attended the event.

Okey dokey. So the idea….

At the panel discussion, Lorie explained when the party opened, the camera has started rolling. Before Bang the Party, Eman was producing TV shows, videos and movies, but some of the credits were not shown. He feels with this film, he will get credit where it is due. Plus he has never seen a movie that embraced the house music community since the release of Maestro. He has asked longtime colleague (and 3rd director of the film) Steven Booth, to get the footage of the event.

There were a lot of parts of the film that I loved such as Bang the Wedding, the party train promo for the Bang the Party: Vol. 1 release, and a patron who reminisced of climbing to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and dove off. But the part that tickled me pink was this guy named the Unibuddy, whose unique dancing had gotten him kicked out of several clubs.

This film features cameos from Jellybean Benitez, Matthias “Matty” Heillbronn, Tortured Soul, and Phil Hooten, as well as famous patrons such as Archie Burnett, Conrad Rochester, and the lovable Luis “Loftkid” Vargas.

What I loved the most was that the afterparty took place where it all started: Frank’s Lounge in Downtown Brooklyn. Very sentimental and nostalgic, indeed.

This documentary is a must see if you are a house head at heart. I have a strong feeling this will be shown in 2011’s Tribeca Film Festival. Congrats to Eman, Lorie, and Steve for a job well done!

Special thanks goes out to Mz. Jackie Williams for the awesome pics of this event!


Bang the Party Trailer


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