Short But Sweet: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Perry Ellis & Venexiana Fall 2011

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the mecca for all things beautiful and your homegirl got invited! And who said that it couldn’t happen?

Entering Lincoln Center was like entering a glamorous parallel universe filled with anyone who ate, drank and slept fashion, from celebs such as America’s Next Top Model judge Miss J. Alexander and actor Nathan Lee Graham to models…and buyers…and global press like Vouge, Elle,and Vanity Fair. All dressed to the nines from head to toe, making my little get-up look like something from a swap meet. Hey, at least people took pics of my shoes!

The 2 shows that I have seen by far were the Perry Ellis and the Kati Stern/Venexiana Fall Collections.

Show 1:

For designer John Crocco, it was all about sweaters and leathers, baby! He definitely worked with a lot of neutrals such as muted gray, black and earthtone colors. I especially loved the peacoats and the cropped bomber….as well as them cute boys sporting nothing but PE sweaters and thermal long johns. The sale for these fashions will be open to the public on Valentine’s Day on the Perry Ellis website.

Check out the slideshow here!

Show 2:

This show was a treat for me as designer Kati Stern showed off her collection for the fall season. This show had edgy elegance to it, reminding me of Vivienne Westwood. I asked her before the show what was her inspiration for her collection and she just simply said, “Fabrics….lots of fabrics!” She has studied in music and architectural design and all of the 3 has really showed in her work. There was nothing but oohs and ahhs with each presentation and I haven’t seen a bad dress thus far, earning her the standing ovation she received (and deserved) at the end of the show! Check out more at

Check out the Fall 2011 show!


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