Peep Show: He Loves Me: Betsey Johnson Fall/Winter 2011

Tuesday had an extravagant show that I SHOULD HAVE attended. It was the Fall/Winter collection of legendary designer Betsey Johnson and only someone in her left mind would conjure up something perfectly themed for Valentine’s Day!

This show was made into two parts: The first one being the “He Loves Me…Not” collection, which consists of her signature Black Tag line, dark colors, animal prints , drama, flair, and models on stage looking like hot Russian vixens with the dark wigs. There were some fashions in this line that caught my eye. Now, her whole collection was great, don’t get me wrong, but I am the one for attention grabbers, such as the oversized teal shirt with the tiger face and, my personal favorite, a short yellow cropped short with a ruler print that reads, “Teach Me a Lesson.”

The second part and the biggest highlight of the show, presented the “He Loves Me” collection, which displayed her affordable Pink Patch collection, brightly colored prints from dresses to pants to leggings and who can incorporate such style? You guessed it…REAL PEOPLE! 50 of  Betsey’s employees and friends, in all shapes and sizes, showing their stuff on the runway, looking like Betsey in blonde wigs. I loved the expecting mother who walked down on the runway. At the end, she does her signature cartwheel and dances with Sex & the City designer Patricia Field. Classic Betsey all around!

When it comes to a extremely good fashion show, Betsey always pulls out the unexpected and never lets a good audience down! I just wanna crown her the Willy Wonka of Fashion. Hats off to you, Betsey! You deserve it!

Check out her site and store locations at



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