The 303: More Than A Get Together

It was about food, friends, fun, good music and some infamous jello shots.

It’s been a while since I’ve been out partying. Between surgery and sickness, I haven’t done much of anything except for Fashion Week. So, one of my good friends, Maude34’s Gale Murphy, invited me to one of her most talked about private brownstone parties in Harlem. Being disappointed that I missed her last party, I promised to make it to this one.

I got there kinda early, but the place is beautiful from the African art to the DJ set up. Gale was in the lovely upstairs apartment getting ready while Johnny Dangerous’  “London Roots” was blaring through the speakers. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Chicago DJ Greg Gary of Nubang, who was also one of the DJs who turned the crowd out that night! Gale offered me some President’s Day jello shots, which were stronger than pride itself (especially the red ones), but they were really tasty!

The DJ line up for the party was Mecca Hi-Fi Digital’s Kev Kruz, DJ Greg Gary, Host of the Early Bird Special and my special friend, DJ Dat Gurl Curly and a pretty little lady from NY by way of Greece, DJ Myrto Joyce, who spun her booty off! All of them had everyone on their feet the whole night as more guests were entering from NY/NJ, and it was indeed a packed house! I made a lot of new friends and reunited with some old ones that I haven’t seen in a hot minute. I had a nice time and I look forward to the next one that rolls around.

Thanks to Gale, Greg, Myrto, Kev, Curlz, Wyse, Judie, Julia, Shanel, and everyone who attended the event! Without you guys, this blog would not be written about!

All photos courtesy of Wyse Rodriguez

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