Peep Show:…Introducing The Beastie Girls!

Last night, I just witnessed comedy to the 10th power.

In 2008, 3 DJs by the names of Ace House Nation, Duce Martinez and John “Toto” Rivera decided to play tea party dress up and play a spectacular set of music, in which they called it, Beauty and the Beat. People loved it so much, they decided to do it again! So yesterday, we got graced by 3 ladies, Lace, Dulce, & Joann, also known as the Beastie Girls! Along with one of the MCs of this 6-hour, once in a lifetime event, “Madam” DJ Dat Girl Curly, the music and the hijinks don’t stop! I was literally in tears and fell out of my seat laughing! If you missed it yesterday, here’s your chance to see it again! Enjoy it as much as I did!

Kudos to you guys! You all deserve a special place on the bus!


Ladies and gentlemen….please welcome….the Beastie Girls!



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