My First Time: The Underground Network Reunion Party

Pandemonium was an understatement for the Underground Network party at the Park Central Ballroom last night.

Photo: Jackie Williams

For those who don’t know about the history of the Underground Network, it started in 1992 by Don Welch and house diva Barbara Tucker, creating the need to bring the dance community together by showcasing new talent for music labels, both major and indie. With the support of DJ Louie Vega, the Underground Network became a popular name around the globe, and amongst celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Wesley Snipes, and RuPaul, showcasing over 600 artists, 150 DJs, and 50 dance troops.

The DJs for the night Louie Vega, Sting International, Don Welch and Tony Humphries, spinning soulful house classics while the tunes were being cranked out of  Sting’s very

Photo: Jackie Williams

own super sound system. The place was at capacity level for so many heads came out to see not only the maestros of the event, but to see what other treats were in store; and there were a lot, with performances by Ten City’s Byron Stingly, Double Exposure, Linda Clifford, Barbara, herself and a bumping opener from future diva Chinah Blac. There were also some surprise guests such as Full Force’s Bowlegged Lou and word was legendary MC Kurtis Blow was also on the stage, but you guys can comment me to see if I was wrong.

Photo: Shaun Pizzonia

It was also a time to celebrate life to the fullest as birthdays were being held there for all Pisces and Aries children, as well as getting down with Barbara and Byron, who had celebrated their own birthdays. There was also a special tribute to dancer, choreographer and a very sweet individual, Marjory Smarth, who just overcame the battle of breast cancer.

It was definitely a dance til dawn event and by the time the party was over, I felt sorry for that poor floor, which caught holy hell.

For me, I’m a UN virgin (or at least I was) so thanks goes out to Barbara, Louie, Sting, Don, and Tony for making my first time sheer awesomeness. Can’t wait for the next one!


Photo: Jackie Williams

For more on the Underground Network, click here.


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