…And Let The Singer Be Heard – NYC Edition

And Let the Singer Be Heard is an annual event that takes place each year at Miami’s Winter Music Conference. This event, which began 15 years ago, is geared toward the singer. When it was first created, it was 1st certified Underground Network party. Barbara Tucker, founder of the event felt that singers were not receiving nearly as much recognition as DJs and producers, so this was a chance for artists to showcase their talents. After all, a song is not a good song without a good vocalist…right? 

Now, this hit Miami event is invading New York’s Santos Party House on June 2nd…and I am proud to be a part of it!

The DJs for this event will be none other than Jason Ojeda, Funk Box’s own Tony Touch and Sole Channel Music’s

Mr. V!

With performances by Dawn Tallman, Lynn Lockamy, Rick Galactik from the DJN Project and the House Mother herself, Barbara Tucker!

From 10PM  – 4AM

$15 all night! 

See you on the dance floor!!!

And Let The Singer Be Heard – WMC 2011


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