Cop This: G*E*D* feat. See Tru and T*Weaponz – Don’t Call It Pop

These two groups has been getting play from all over the country. 

GED is a New York-based artistic consortium made up of Billboard Top Ten hip-hop group T-Weaponz, D*Zilla, Izzy Il, Eaz, Eddie Fingaz, BlueShoes Film and 55 Studios. They are also making strides with their first official release “Wave”, dedicated to overcoming the struggle of making it in the Big Apple. They have appeared in The Source magazine, MTV, MUN2 and their singles, “Stick Up” & “Tengo Dinero,” has also been featured on the award-winning Showtime original drama series, Dexter.

GED & T-Weaponz bring you their new single, “Don’t Call It Pop”, which lets the fans know that they will never follow the norm and remain true to the game. Hear the buzz from DJ and producers nationwide on this phenomenal group:

I like the record and How u guy’s approached recording it! I, too, am from the hoodest of the hood, but I always thought bigger than the hood, that’s why I didn’t get caught in the traps. I will never deny where I’m from, but to me music is supposed 2 take me out of the hood and on a journey into sound and that is what “Don’t Call It Pop” is to me… a universial record! Music and math are the universal language and that song speaks directly 2 me and reminds me of the era when I came up listening 2 music (all genres) it was just music if a Hip-Hop person played it, it’s Hip-Hop, and “Don’t Call It Pop” is an undeniable “pure” Hip-Hop with elements of all music an that’s totally refreshing in this time an era of formula “Hood” music. I recommend that any music loving Dj at least test the Song because it’s adding on 2 the stagnant Hip-Hop genre of music at this present time. Major props goes out 2 G.E.D. for being progressive, creative and pushing the envelope of the Hip-Hop into the 21st Century where it belongs as everyone is still making music not from the soul and so passe! G.E.D. has a Masters’ degree in music!

– DJ Nick@Nite

This tracks dope, nice to hear some real hip hop for once and not that snap and dance BS… I will mos def throw this in the mix on my show…

– DJ Pheloneous

You guys keep putting out great music for me to play.

DJ Jimmy Taco

This record embodies a lot of key elements that make a hit. It’s a fusion of great beat, great message and a great concept. Every time I hear it, I think it is Outkast, which is no easy feat to accomplish. Even in early test spins, the record is showing amazing potential with many listeners inquiring about the artist and song title. At least 20 people a night ask me who this record is by, which probably means they are going to download it. I am happy I caught this track early and I will continue to play for much time to come.

– DJ Master Millions

Best ish I heard in a minute. Congrats. That one is definitely D. Hastings video worthy. I love that track. Don’t take advise from older or established rappers right now. You just have touched a new sound.

 – Danny Hastings, Director/Photographer

Yes, this group is most definitely on the rise. Be on the lookout for more on this hot tribe.

Check out more of G.E.D. & T-Weaponz:


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