Are You Afro? Launch Party

Photo: Lower Deck Photography

It was a very nice night for Are You Afro? creator Gale “Gee” Murphy June 10 as she celebrated the launch of the Are You Afro? party with some of her closest friends at Grotto Restaurant in the Lower East Side, where DJs Kev Kruz (aka Mecca Digital Hi-Fi), Max Pela, Myrto Joyce and Dave K played for a packed house, all doing more than a superb job.

Besides great DJs and dancing, there was goodie bags and a solo cello performance by Myrto. There was also a meet and greet with Trinidadian/Belize beauty Jannine Waight, an upcoming vocalist who is being produced by 2 of the Are You Afro DJs, Myrto Joyce and Dave K. We will hear more of this rising star soon enough.

Photo: Lower Deck Photography

A lot of people came out to show their support for this event; people such as Blaze’s Kevin Hedge and Louie Vega. Even photographer David LaChappelle and fashion icon Amanda Lepore even came out to check the party. There was nothing but good positive vibes and it gotten so much positive feedback the next day. And although I’m disappointed that I won’t be around for the next one, I’m pretty sure this party will be there when I get back!

I know Gale is patting herself on the back somewhere….

Check out Dave K, Max Pela and Myrto Joyce‘s Podcasts!

Also check out Mecca Digital Hi-Fi on ReverbNation and be sure to get his double album, In This Great Future: Vol. 1  Click for Facebook Page


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