Cop This: Nikka Costa – Pro*Whoa

The daughter of famed arranger/producer Don Costa and goddaughter of her father’s longtime client, Frank Sinatra, R&B vocalist Nikka Costa is no stranger to the music business. Born on June 4, 1972, she landed her first gig at age five, when she opened for the Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho. Two years later, a young Costa wowed 300,000 Police fans in Chile. She has been making music since the age of 9 and all her childhood gigs paved the way for a fruitful career.

Nikka now comes to us with her new EP, Pro*Whoa, her first independent album that is free from all major labels. I like the album with all of its funky vibe. From the breathy and sexy “Head First” to the rock infused “Pro*Whoa” & “Nylons In A Rip”, which is available as a free download on Facebook.

She is also heading out to tour this summer as a headliner across the US. The New York puts it, “before an audience she goes deep and sexy and ugly, singing hard and on pitch, screaming hard and on pitch, hips like a boomerang, knees on the floor… there’s something happening there, something physical and wrigglingly alive.”

Pro*Whoa is available in iTunes and all stores June 21.

See the sneak peek of Nikka Costa’s single off the EP, “Stuff”

Want more Nikka? Visit


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