Cop This: Joi Cardwell – Must Be The Music

Another diva in her own right. This native New Yorker has made hits on the Billboard charts such as “Run To You,”  and “Saved My Life”. She has worked with producers such as Ron Carroll, Deee-Lite producer Towa Tei and she is the singer behind Lil’ Louis’ “Club Lonely”. (Yes, she is. For those who don’t know, do your homework.) She also did backup vocals for artists such as LL Cool J, The Pointer Sisters and Jermaine Jackson.

In 2009, she made a lot of noise with her album, Wanderlust, and she is at it again with her upcoming release, Must Be The Music, which features productions by The Fresh Guys, Harley & Muscle, Willie Dutch, Murk’s Oscar G and Temple’s own DJ Ruben Toro for the title track. Full of fresh sounds and high energy, this album is long awaited and overdue. The DJ limited edition is out now, so you best to get copy while it’s still available!

Become a fan! Join her Facebook page! | Enter Wanderlust | Joi on iTunes


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