Pinkie & Prosper

I was chilling at Blue Marlin one day and there were a few DJs who perked up my ears, one of them happened to be this fellow: London-born resident DJ, Prosper Rek, who has played in such places like Nassau Beach, Jockey Club and the Pacha Terrace. His unique, non-commercial approach has made him a resident of Blue Marlin for 2 years straight. You gotta love originality and boy, can he spin something fierce… 

Pinkie: Please introduce yourself.
Prosper: Hey, my name is Prosper Rek.

Pinkie: What got you into playing the violin and the bass guitar? What is the fascination with those instruments?
Prosper: As my parents love to listen to classic music they wanted me to get in touch at a young age with a classical music instrument. Why the violin? I have no idea. I did love the sound and played the violin for nine year. As I got older I wanted to start playing the bass guitar. The fell in love with the deep rhythmic sound of it. I think both instruments have created my love for music in different ways. My music selections nowadays is based a lot on good groovy bass-lines.

Pinkie: You have started out with gigs in Amsterdam to becoming a resident DJ at the Blue Marlin. What lead to those transitions?
Prosper: Amsterdam – Ibiza, at least twice a year. I think being around on the island for over 15 years has created opportunities for me to play here as a DJ. I got in touch with the Blue Marlin from the beginning on and took the possibilty to play here as a resident when I got the offer. I’m really greatful for this.

Pinkie: Who were some of the DJs you have played beside and what DJ would you love to play alongside.
Prosper: Blue Marlin has become a well known place the last couple of years. Big names such as Little Louie Vega (with it’s residency on Saturday), Behrouz and Sven Vath have played here. Every Thursday, I play alongside Goldfish Live wich I really enjoy. I actually have two artists I would love to play alongside, Joris Voorn and Solomun, both inspire me alot for their choice of music.

Pinkie: Who have people compared your style to?
Prosper: The two names mentioned above have been an influence for my selection of music, but creating a style of your own is very important. I think I have my own style, come and listen!

Pinkie: What are your favorite tracks of all time and which one would you think would move the crowd?
Prosper: Bill Withers – Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz), Noze – Remember Love & Hollis P. Monroe – I’m Lonely. Classics.. I love them! Shakedown – At Night (Kid Creme) always moves the crowd.

Pinkie: What do you like to do on your downtime?
Prosper: I like to enjoy life. I love to go out for dinner with my girlfriend or just relax and watch a movie.

Pinkie: I am intrigued with what you said in your bio when you mentioned if you didn’t try make a career, that question of “what if” would chase you for the rest of your life. My question is: What if that question DID came into play if you didn’t try? What would you think you would be doing if you did not chase that dream?
Prosper: That’s a good question, I was studying Bio Medical Science at the time I changed careers to music. As im diabetic I find the mechanics of the human body very interesting. Maybe I would have been been working at the lab now. I think there are a lot of nice things to do so try to find one and just go for it. If you dont try you will never know.

Pinkie: On that note, what advice would you give to any aspiring DJ out there?
Prosper: The same as what I say to myself. I still have a long way to go to the top and it won’t happen If you dont go for it. If you put more than a 100% you will get there, It could take a while but just keep on going! The best thing for me is to make a living with that thing you like to do. In this way you will always give that little extra. It doesn’t matter what the job is.

Pinkie: Anything else you would like to add?
Prosper: If you’re aroung in Ibiza this summer don’t hesitate to swing by the Blue Marlin while I’m playing on Thursdays or Fridays or check my agenda on my Facebook for updated gig info.  

And with that…nothing more needs to be said.  

Prosper’s Facebook | Soundcloud| Check his website!


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