Peep Show: G*E*D* – Don’t Call It Pop

The music collective of G*E*D* are EaZ The Engineer, Eddie Fingaz, DzILLA, KornBread, Izzy ILL, T * Weaponz, Ark Medina, Izreal Medina, Saty “Chica” Gonz & Cyril ‘Niroshima’ Mahe and they are back with a spanking new video to their anti-commercial hit from the upcoming album A Class of Our Own, “Don’t Call It Pop”, as the single have been hitting airwaves nationwide.

“We really put a lot into the music video for ‘Don’t Call It Pop’ because it carries such a message about who we are and the music we want to make,” says Izreal Medina. “We paid a lot of attention to not only the production value of the video but the story line.  It’s meant to say something about the music industry, or experiences as artists to this point and to poke a little fun at it all, but still deliver something compelling to viewers.”

A Class of Our Own drops in November 2011

Video directed by C. Mahe & James Ayala. Produced by See Tru

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