Teatro Pereyra

Since my stay here in Ibiza, I called this place my second home. This is the ONLY place on the island that has live music with a live band.

Teatro Pereyra has been established since 1988 by band pianist Eric-Jan Harmsen (who can play the hell out of a piano and never took a lesson) and it became home to many artists who have traveled to Ibiza for the season. This year was the lovely Amina (who I did a post on earlier), English drummer Craig Long, bassist and saxophonist Rafael Garces, and Serbian bluesman Dusan Jevtovic. There were also some guests who popped by such as vocalists Amanda Brown and Jason Murden, who traveled all the way from NY’s famed Village Underground. It has also been home to Barbara Tucker for 4 years. Even soulful house vocalist Dawn Tallman came to sing a note or two! They also have a very cool (and cute) DJ by the name of Johnny, who rocks out happy disco music and the best of the oldies.

Teatro is a good place if you wanna relax, have a few good drinks and have an awesome time! The bartenders are very friendly, make you the coolest cocktails and you are definitely bound to make some new friends there! If you’re ever in Ibiza, I highly recommend you to check the place out and ask the bartender for a B-52. Tell them Shamika sent you!

A very, I mean, VERY special thanks to Juangui & Eric Jan Harmsen, Amina, Craig, Rafa, Dusan, and all the best staff that I’ve ever seen at Teatro Pereyra for treating me like family. Love you guys!!!

For more info on this spectacular place, just visit www.teatropereyra.com!

Barbara Tucker @ Teatro Pereyra – 8/18/11

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