The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project with Madonna @ Roseland Ballroom

600 auditions. 11 finalists. 1 life changed forever.

Yesterday night marked the final decision at the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project at the Roseland Ballroom with pop icon Madonna, who did not perform last night, but was the judge and jury for the 11 finalists who danced to the death for a spot as one of her dancers for her upcoming tour. Let’s see how this journey came to be…

Earlier in the year, Madonna and her lifelong choreographers, Rich & Tone Talauega, traveled around the world and held a global dance contest in order for this event to take place. From Japan, to London, online, and even our neck of the woods, she has found them and with the help and art direction of choreographer Shay Norman, they all worked the stage last night in front of a grand audience.

Although all of the performances were great, only one had to be chosen. After some hard decision making by Madonna and her crew, it was Lil Buck from Memphis, TN who took the crown…or we should say the Golden Kicks.

“This has been an incredible journey and a dream come true,” he said.

There were some celebs there to witness the show. Natasha Bedingfield, Amanda Lepore and Lady Bunny (who was a hilarious personality to be around) were all in attendance. After the contest, Madonna partied with the contestants and the remaining audience, while headliner DJ Martin Solveig and Master of the Mix judge Vikter Duplaix spun house mixes that made me feel like I was at Shelter all over again. What a night yesterday turned out to be.

Congrats to all the contestants for making it to the NEP and a special congratulations to Lil Buck. Good job, homie!

Until next time! Pinkie signing off…


2 thoughts on “The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project with Madonna @ Roseland Ballroom

  1. Does anybody know who recorded the professial video, there was a few camara running, specifically the boom camara that had to be taken down every few minutes do to some malfuction???

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