Getting Afro’d @ Amber

I haven’t been on the club scene in a while since these Winter days, but I got invited to check out the Are You Afro? party on Amber (formerly known as Bardot Heights) Friday night. This month it was AFRICACIONES!!! Where African music meets Latin flava. It was I’ll House You’s own Oscar P who graced the decks alongside newcoming resident DJ Sres. 

I really liked the vibe of the party that night, but what impressed me with the spot was the Asian atmosphere it gave off once you enter the premises, but once you walk up the stairway, you already see the crowd dancing their pants off. If you are a real fan of African house music and wanna get your Bertha Black Butt Boogie on, this is one of the parties that you need to check out. 

Now rumor has it that the Are You Afro? crew got some big surprises to kick off Black History Month next month. What they may be? You just have to stay tuned and find out.

Get Afro’d, baby!

Here are some huge moments from Friday night’s party!

Check out the Are You Afro YouTube Page!

Follow Are You Afro? and join the new music revolution!


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