Blanc de Chine Fall 2012

Day 2 continues with Eastern culture as Chinese designer Kin Yeung shows his Blanc de Chine Fall collection at his 5th Avenue store.

Here’s a little about Blanc de Chine. They are the first international Chinese luxury brand that has successfully transformed and brought traditional Chinese culture into haute couture.

This season’s inspiration went back to classics, tracing its footsteps back to its roots for the celebration of their 20th Anniversary in 2013, taking both men and women’s fashions and adding touches to their classics such as their signature Zhong Shan suit and the Shanghai jacket.

The classic pleat is back in the women’s Classic Dao line and once again, capes are the thing to have. The Yi (change) collection shows reversible garments for rain and the winter months and leather silk along with sequins make their evening gowns beautiful to look at.

The Zhong Shan jacket was given an open collar and plackets this season along with blocking to the other structured jackets. Adding a little color and complimenting fabrics gave the men’s collection a visual effect.

Mixing thoughtful twists and elegance made this collection superb.

Check out Blanc de Chine’s website

Blanc de Chine’s collection on the Memoirs’ Facebook Page


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