Corey Lynn Calter Fall 2012

Day 2 of New York Fashion Week started with the fun and funky fashions of Philadelphia designer Corey Lynn Calter, who got her inspirations from diverse subcultures such as the New York punk scene and San Francisco opera. Actually by what she puts it, it was fashion that got her involved in them scenes.

Her inspiration still carries on in this season’s collection with her bright and bold colors of coral, evergreen and orchid with a mix of the royals such as gold, yellow and purple. Capes and prints are the big thing this season and it showed a lot in her work, as well as her fun iPad creations.

I loved the collection for it shifted from different eras: from the mid to late 1960s British era to the early 80s look of Halston. She said she didn’t intentionally mean to piece it together like that, but that’s what makes it look extraordinary.

Fun, flowy and free. The style of Corey Lynn Calter. Check out her site at

View the collection on the Memoirs Facebook Page


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