Custo Barcelona Fall 2012

Photo: Photos: Yannis Vlamos/

Another show that was definitely a good watch was Spanish designer Custo Dalmau’s Fall runway show for Custo Barcelona, where his Raw Vision collection paid homage to visionaries and pioneers of sheer creativity. When I was overseas, I saw his logo everywhere I went.

In his collection, he broke his colors down as symbols: White for purity, Red for love, Green for nature, Brown for earth and Black for unity, fusing and contrasting those symbols into wool, leather, metallic and some technically finished fabrics gave his collection some uber funky looks. The men’s collection was pretty decent with the jackets and blazers, but I was definitely liking the women’s oversized wool jackets and sweaters, creating them with wild wools and raw cuts, making them perfect for that winter cold.

Truthfully, I thought I wasn’t gonna get entry to this, but I’m glad I got to see it. The show was very exceptional and different from what I regularly look at. I hope to see more of this designer in Spring 2013.

Click here for a look at Custo’s Raw Vision collection.


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