It’s All About: Joey Bounce

Never sacrifice your integrity for a dollar or a radio spin. – Joey Bounce

Up and coming Kansas City producer Joey Bounce started playing his first instrument when he was in the fifth grade. Since then he continued to explore other instruments. In high school was when he decided that he wanted to pursue music. Joey started off participating in a local street team and was exposed to the recording studio. While still in high school he was able to study music engineering technology and he then attended Hampton University to continue to learn. While in college he decided to dedicate his life to creating his own music.

He looks at legendary producer Quincy Jones and Fugees’ producer Jerry Wonda as his inspirations. Bounce’s beats are highly influenced by classical, jazz and gospel. “My music can never be thrown into a box because I have learned to open myself up to creating music from all genres,” he states.  Bounce has worked with Grammy award winning producers Steve Pageot and Luis Resto. He has also worked with recording artist Jackie Michaels of Show Me Down Entertainment, hip hop artist James Christos, New York underground rapper MKD, rapper Novi Novak, hip hop artist Clova and Def Jam artist D-Dave. Bounce is currently working with artists Nave, LA the Nuisance, Sebastian Garcia and Pyro of England. In the future, Bounce would like to work with Rihanna, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, and Katy Perry.

He hopes his sound will evolve and develop; The more he changes as a person the more that change will show in his tracks. His goals, Bounce sees himself investing in many different ventures such as Beats By Bounce Publishing and a website which leases music to unsigned artists. Bounce also is the works of a clothing line called Bounce Baby Clothing Inc. But his ultimate goal is to have his own music production brand. “Music is meant for all people”,  he quotes. “I want my music and the music I create with others to be shared with people all around the world through radio, television, movies, video games and what ever other way I can use my music to penetrate culture”.

With a strong vision, a firm strategic plan and natural born talents, Bounce is headed for success. Mark my words, Joey Bounce is destined to be the next great super producer.

Here’s a clip of his work featuring his new artist, Jazmine.

Jazmine – Snooze You Lose



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