Chinkie Brown feat. Lil Scrappy – Bipolar

VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy admits that his love affairs are affected by his Bipolar characteristics as he pours his heart into a collaboration with Atlanta (by way of Maryland) Pop/R&B artist Chinkie Brown entitled Bipolar. Lil Scrappy understands his actions may not be explainable on VH1’s #1 reality show, but he confesses his music will explain his story. Bipolar showcases Chinkie Brown’s soul driven vocals, superior range, and theatrical writing style exposing the turmoil of urban relationships today, with a defiant spirit that refuses to accept abuse and is complemented by Lil Scrappy’s candid verses speaking on his own personal relationship issues. It came together like an epiphany,” Chinkie explains. “I felt like a lot of people are diagnosed by their spouses…and it made sense to write it out and put it to music.”


Directed by world renowned director Lisa Cunningham, the Bipolar video captivates viewers in a movie-like fashion with true-to-life emotions displayed on camera by both Lil Scrappy proudly accompanies his peer and friend Chinkie Brown, noting that Chinkie Brown is a talented, versatile artist. Fans will remember Chinkie Brown from her song and video for “Wonderland” in 2009. Chinkie Brown previously appeared on Comcast On Demand, and live on MTV Jams, and BET 106 & Park.


Lil Scrappy is not denying talk that he is shifty in relationships and contributes a lot of his negative behavior to his bipolar condition. “Sometimes I feel like I am Bipolar in relationships because I wear my heart on my sleeve,” says Lil’ Scrappy. “My past relationships had me thinking…one minute I want to be with a girl and the next minute I don’t want to bothered by her.”


Chinkie’s Website | Lil’ Scrappy’s Website


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