Nickel Killsmics: Live for Today, As If There’s No Tomorrow

By: Frankie Howley

Nickel Killsmics has a message for the masses. A message that he intends to deliver through his blend of beats and rhymes, with the release of his latest album, The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise on August 28, 2012. Setting the tone with an apocalyptic vibe, the album ignites the darker side of life, and the idea that despite all the craziness in this world, the answer lies within each of us, individually. All we have to do is access it and live for today.

“Life isn’t easy,” says Nickel. “There is a way to fix it, and to move toward a better future. (You) just have to go about it.”

Going into it, Nickel knew that grasping this concept with his lyrics wouldn’t be easy either. A drastic change in style from his previous album, “Tragedy & Comedy,’ first he would have to capture the truth about this world, a real-life ‘grittiness,’ and the premise for the opening song on the new album titled, Cry for Help, (featuring DJ Danja).

It wasn’t until Nickel collaborated with several of the members from MHB, (an affiliation of rappers, and producers including: Citizen Kane, Dik Daztardly, Mr. Cord, and Whichcraft), and fellow beat makers, (Kiza, ColomBeyond, and Abstract); to create the album and it’s title, “The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise,” that he realized the true flow behind the music.

“That was the name of the album right there,“ said Nickel. “What’s wrong with the world; what will come from it; and towards the end, the light, which inspired the last song on the album, Corner Store War Stories.”

With so many underlying tones at the core of his music, Nickel’s decision to craft the intensity of his lyrics mixed with ‘straight up’ hip-hop and beats, while going back to the basics, was not made lightly. But it was an essential balance needed to grab the attention of his listeners, especially with the album’s first solo release, Busy Man’s Playlist, (Produced by Kiza, of Serbia.)

“It’s a good lyrical song that I’m proud of, with good beats and rhymes,” said Nickel. “It’s (also) a fun song that’s not too dark.”

Mixing it up between beats and rhymes, Nickel has found the perfect transition to showcase both sides of the musical world for his audience. A shift which, he says, will ‘set it up’ nice, as he prepares for his band’s upcoming Nickel & Dime OPS album.

“A lot of people want to hear a ‘brand’ of music,” says Nickel. “I’m really hoping to grasp an appreciation for the lyrical image of hip-hop, which doesn’t exist anymore.”

Until then and for the moment, Nickel Killsmics hopes to deliver a message through the new album, with a solution that’s sealed with a promise. A promise that his music will ‘shred’ a beacon of light, on what we should do, for a better and brighter future.

For more information, or to purchase the album, The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise, visit: Spot Me a Nickel and Nickel & Dime OPS. Also follow Nickel Killsmics on Facebook & Twitter

About Frankie Howley: Frankie is a contributing writer for and Multiplicity Magazine; a former staff writer/editorial assistant for the St. Petersburg Times (Tampa Bay Times); and has written several freelance articles for both ParentGuide Magazine and CitiLife Magazine.

I am pleased to have her as a guest writer on Memoirs! 

Follow Frankie on Twitter!


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