Launch Live In New York

Launch Records CEO (and Strictly Rhythm pioneer) Gladys Pizarro and vocalist/producer Duane Harden hosted Launch Live in New York, a network event held at the posh and swank INC Lounge in the heart of Times Square. There was a huge attendance for the event with guests such as producer Wayne Gardiner, vocalist Darryl D’Bonneau, and DJ Tony Touch.

The talent for the night’s party were, DJs Tommy Bones, Duce Martinez, and Nemo aka Pashaa, spinning house, classics, mashups and some pop for the ears. As a special treat, violinist and new Launch artist Sarina hit the crowd with a few notes off her pretty electric violin.

Her goal is to bring new talent to today’s scene, thus the name of the label. She feels that there is a lot of great DJs out there that don’t get the exposure that they deserve. She  hopes that the Launch party will change all of that.

Great music, beautiful people, and a flow of their “Mile High” cocktails made the event a special night. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Duce and Nemo in the mix at the Launch Live party!

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