The Skinny: Momma Dee’s New Boy Toy


It has been reported that L&HH: ATL star Lil Scrappy’s Mom “Momma Dee” is at it again. The 49 year old outspoken Cougar has a new boy toy who is a 32 year old actor named Kineh N’gaojia aka Kenny. The two has been spotted out and about at several restaurants in Atlanta and most recently he was seen leaving her house, late night. Sources say the Lil Scrappy walked up on the shirtless hunk coming out of his moms room, that night and Scrappy just shook his head.

When Kenny was asked about the situation he stated, “She just had a little to much to drink and I was helping her get into bed, that’s all”. LOL! Sure with your shirt off?

Whether she reveals her new love interest on the new season of Love & HipHop: ATL is left to be seen.



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