Boogie Back with Q-Tip

IMG_4967And it’s said on the flyer, “The dancefloor you’ve been missing.” Damn it if it wasn’t right.

Every Tuesday, only for the month of May, legendary MC Q-Tip tests the waters with his Boogie Back party at NY hotspot, Cielo. I have to say this, because I NEVER seen him play a DJ set before, but I was impressed. His selections were from Slave to Chic to every funk and disco classic known to man. Everytime you are about to leave or go the ladies room, he IMG_4969always know what to play to reel you back and hold it in a little bit longer. 

The opening DJ, Lord Sear wasn’t bad to hear, himself, playing all the dope R&B jams I used to hear in my youth such as Monifah, Faith Evans, Brandy and Intro. Them two sets were perfect for anyone who appreciates real music and I’m glad that I made the choice to go. Oh,  AND I had the honor of meeting one of the biggest legends in hip hop, Kool DJ Red Alert.

Funk, fun and fried chicken: All the things a growing person needs. Only two more Tuesdays left to check out this event. You will have a great time, I guarantee it.

See you on the dancefloor!!!!

boogie back


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