Factory PR #FashionTunnel Open House

factory pr logo

Factory PR is the public relations agency behind some of the biggest names you see today in Fashion, Lifestyle and Celebrity communication. Founded in 2001 by partners Lauren Fisch and Mark Silver, they have put their talents together and created years of experience across all aspects of brand communications, public relations, and event management. 

Yesterday, the good people behind Factory PR were kind to host a special open house displaying collections from some of the best of the best, from ready-to wear to shoes and accessories.

There were some designers that caught all four of my eyes:

IMG_6123Foley + Corinna – Designers Dana Foley and Anna Corinna’s love for vintage style was truly stated in their accessories collection. The detail of the stitching is precise in every clutch and purse. Often seen in the hands of such celebs like Katy Perry and Drew Barrymore, these bags are perfect for any city fashionista that like that mixture of sophistication and fun.

IMG_6096IMG_6095Zahia – Although known for scandal and one of the most stellar physiques the fashion world has ever seen, notorious French designer Zahia Dehar transformed that into hot haute couture lingerie that can cause a scandal on its own. I was saying how the waistline is so small, it’s like a child can fit into it. Factory PR’s Women’s Fashion Assistant Kat Cooper explained how this was Zahia’s actual waistline and how most models can’t even fit into her fashions. Her style is total dream boudoir and can be caught on the runways of Paris.

IMG_6101IMG_6102IMG_6104Betsey Johnson – a Memoirs favorite, Betsey always brings funk and flair to her designs. Her showroom collection involves her new wedding line simply called Blue, which consists of shoes and all bridal accessories. Factory has also showed me some of Betsey’s beautiful timepieces, stylish eyewear, studded purses, and bedazzling jewelry. Oh, and I can’t forget….more shoes!


MCM (Mode Creation Munich) – Yeah. Half of you who were born in the 70s and 80s should know what I’m talking about when I mention this. The South Korean luxury brand has an accessories line that is out of this world. My personal faves are the studded backpacks and the clutches. AND…..this is also a peek of MCM’s Craig & Karl Collection, which blends art with the signature look of the brand, proving to fashionistas everywhere that some traditions never go out of style. 


Leila Shams – the fashion designer who is never dull. Her first solo collection “Weird Science” has landed her in some of the most desirable stores in the country…and yesterday’s alone is amazing! The detail of her beaded and sequined skirts are impeccable. Adorned by celebs and retail nationwide, her creativity and playfulness really shows in her work with pixelated designs and colorful studs. If you are looking to stand out, then Leila Shams is definitely for you!

Special thanks to Kat Cooper and Factory PR for opening their doors. It was a privilege to be a part of this wonderful event.

For more cool pics, check out the Memoirs FB site

For more on Factory PR, please visit factorypr.com


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