One on One with Charli Baltimore

DSC_0007Grammy nominated emcee Charli Baltimore has worked notably with artists such as The Game, Ghostface Killah, Ja Rule, Ashanti, and the late Notorious B.I.G. Despite being out the mainstream for a while, Charli still held her own and continued to sharpen her skills through writing, collaborations and film projects. Now signed to BMB Records, she will at long last server her loyal fan base with her new mixtape, Hard2Kill. Held at the stylish Gansevoort Park Hotel as part of her press tour, her media day mixer was hosted by pioneer journalist Cynthia Horner of Hip Hop Weekly, the mixer was a great way for other members of the press to network. I sat down with the legendary emcee about her upcoming mixtape.  DSC_0020“Hard2Kill was initially approached as a mixtape, but I decided to put it as a mini album,” Charli said. “We are putting out creative brains into the mix and make some videos for the album, but from an executive point of view, we are shooting more videos just to let our artists on the roster know that they can expect this as well.” I asked her generally about female rappers in the industry today and she feels that there is something out there for everybody. “We got your lyrical females, we got your entertaining females and we to those who fill the whole package,” she explained. “I definitely feel like it’s evolved and there is not a shortage of talent, as far as females go. Regardless, we are going to be the minority, no matter what, in this male dominated industry.” A few days ago, she released her first video off her Hard2Kill album called “BMB”, which starred herself, label mate Trick Trick and actor Clifton Powell, who starred in many films such as Next Friday and Never Die Alone. She explained how the two came about. DSC_0022“Clifton, that’s my homey!” she said, chuckling. “Prior the making the video, we shot a movie together and out of all the people, he was so cool. We bonded instantly. He’s one of the realest cats out there, super cool, super humble. So, when I called him, he told me, ‘Whatever you need me to do, I’m there.’ So he came to Detroit, shot the video and showed us so much love. He can get Hollywood on somebody if he wanted to, but he’s the total opposite on what everybody expects.” For the future of Charlie Baltimore, she has her mixtape and she’s shooting a movie in October with a legendary horror director. “I’m really excited to do this because I really love horror movies,” she explained. She plans to do another album, work on Trick Trick’s album and then fall back and play the executive role and hope for more artists to join the BMB team.

Special thanks to Trea Davenport of Trea Day PR and BMB Entertainment for their hospitality. Be on the lookout for more features from the BMB team.

See more on Charli Baltimore and her goings on from Choke No Joke’s video.





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