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greggLast week, it was a complete honor to interview actor/comedian Gregg Wayans, nephew of the legendary and hilarious Wayans Brothers (and Sister) and appeared in counts of films and shows such as Dance Flick and We The Party. He is now the character of Sloan of Bounce TV’s new comedy, My Crazy Roommate. Here he speaks of his family, a childhood memory and his career in entertainment.

Pinkie: What is it like growing up around the first family of comedy?
Gregg: There’s nothing else I rather be a part of. It’s amazing being a part of a famous family. I love having a whole tribe. There’s like 60 of us. The family is thick.

Pinkie: Do you have a fond memory growing up with them? Do you remember any disastrous prank that they did to you?
Gregg: I got a very fond memory, but it wasn’t fun. I was 4 and it’s probably the earliest memory I have of knowing who my uncles were.

It was Christmas and i was in dead sleep and they came over really late. I remember my uncles Marlon & Shawn being there and this is how Marlon woke me up: He grabbed me by my underwear and carried me into the living room in a wedgie…a FULL wedgie and I was crying and kicking and Marlon was like ‘Shut up’. Don’t know if the N-word was being used but he told me to shut up and then I saw all of the presents and I was like “Oh, wow”. I stopped crying immediately. The most presents I ever saw in my life. i just kinda pulled the underwear out my butt and hopped on my little battery-powered 4-wheeler.

mycrazyroomatePinkie: We’re gonna talk more about My Crazy Roommate. How did you get on board?
Gregg: My agent found this audition and Leah Daniels-Butler was Doing the casting. They brought me in for the role of Future, who is another character on the show. I remember auditioning and the casting people were laughing and told me ‘You know what? Let’s have you read the character of Sloan.” I was like, “Wait a second, you’re laughing why you got me reading somebody else?’ They asked me if I want to come back in 5 minutes and do it. I agreed. So 5 minutes passed, I came back in. I kinda ran for Sloan because I didn’t have the lines memorized and they loved it. They told me when the callback were and I did 2 more auditions, which were in front of Bentley Kyle Evans (of Bent Outta Shape Productions) and he loved it. Everyone in the audition room were cracking up and voila.

Pinkie: What is your character Sloan like on the show?
Gregg: Sloan is kinda like this kid…well, not really a kid, he’s in his 20s. He grew up in the hood, but he didn’t convert to the lifestyle, like ‘Yeah, I’m in the hood but I don’t gangbang’ type of thing. He has a fast-food part-time job, basically goes to the coffee shop every week, where the rest of the cast works and he flirts with the girls, which are the main characters (Laila Odom & Brittany Richards) and kind of gets on everybody’s nerves. He’s kinda like Cole from Martin.

Pinkie: I am familiar with famed erotic author Zane and my question to you is What made you do The Jump-Off?
Gregg: Of course you are familiar with Zane, That’s America’s woman! What made me do The Jump-Off, that was the biggest opportunity of my career. For 10 episodes on Cinemax, which is a big channel. There was no nudity in the role. I understood what type of show it was. I know it’s not the type of acting I wanted to do, but I got a girlfriend on TV and had a kissing scene. LOL. There were a lot of first steps I got to knock out and I had a great experience and I think it did a lot for me in my acting career as for giving me confidence and I got to travel for the first time because of work and it was an overall great experience and I’m very grateful to Zane for that.

Pinkie: Do you still keep in contact with Zane?
Gregg: I haven’t spoken to her in a while. We were keeping n contact for a little bit. She asked me to do another project with her, which was a small film. It didn’t happen, but it’s just good to get put on the project like that. You build a relationship in where people will still reach out to you for work.

mcr-gallery-IMG_2018Pinkie: Any future projects?
Gregg: I just did A Haunted House 2, which is the sequel to my uncle Marlon’s first very successful movie and I play a cop. Just a little guest appearance in a funny scene and that drops March 28th of next year. I did a horror movie called Bloodthirsty, which is about vampires and stuff. That was different for me, but another great experience. Then I just did a commercial with NBA superstar Blake Griffin. You guys look out for that soon, it should be dropping some time soon at some point next month, probably.

Pinkie: When it comes to movies or small screen, would you stay within the family tradition of comedy or go outside that realm?
Gregg: The family tradition is just entertaining at a bunch of different levels. I just don’t want to do comedy. I definitely want to do drama, action, adventure or do sci-fi. Throw me an Avatar, yes. I want to do a while bunch of stuff, just not comedy. You can’t win an Oscar with comedy.

Pinkie: Any last words?
Gregg: I will be gracing the cover of Prestige Magazine in the December/January issue. I was in their magazine earlier this year. A small spread. I’ve done a few things since then. Watch my Crazy Roommate Monday night, 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern on BounceTV if you have it. If not, find out how to get it.

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