Starshell & Birthday Girl Celebrate Life!

Celebrate Life Soiree Invite

On Wednesday, July 9th, 2014, Birthday Girl along with the JED Foundation present a pop-up experience meant to promote the celebration of LIFE and LOVE, in honor of suicide prevention and awareness at the Paramount Hotel in NYC.  With an emphasis on bringing awareness to the mission and programs of Birthday Girl organization and the celebrate life movement, the event will feature Birthday Girl apparel, live music, cocktails, & so much more.

The Celebrate Life Movement was created to remind everyone to celebrate the gift of life, everyday! And, to break the stigma that is attached to mental and emotional illness like depression, anxiety and body imaging issues. These issues gone unidentified and unresolved can lead to fatal outcomes such as drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide. Many turn a blind eye to the fact that not all wounds are physical! Join us to break the silence about an issue that affects us all and claims the life of someone in this country every 19 seconds of every day.

Birthday Girl was born out of tragedy by Mary J. Blige & her protégé, Starshell, who lost her sister to suicide at the age of 14. Suicide is the #1 cause of death amongst kids ages 13-25.

Birthday Girl was created to help break the stigma about a problem that is kept in the dark.



Birthday Girl | JED Foundation | Love Is Louder


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