Back To The Basics represents the essence of hip hop” – Hakim Green, Channel Live.

When one thinks of hip hop today, the industry would have you think Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and a host of others who have specific corporate interests in mind. We all are constantly bombarded with content from artists claiming to be hustlers, players, and gangsters. The fact is, there is a need in hip hop to get back to the basics. Being one of today’s most sought after producers and one to shun the industry hype R-kitech admits its long overdue.

“I wanted to wait until I felt I needed to bring something to the table,” R-kitech admitted at a recent interview on 90.1 WUSB. “Creating music is what I do by nature but now is the time for music with purpose.”

“Back To The Basics” is the lead single from R-kitech presents the Anti Skinny Jeans LP. Support from the hip hop community is apparent with appearances in the video by Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, DJ Tony Touch, Funk Master Flex and others.

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