Blessing Offor

The Voice - Season 7Nigerian born singer/songwriter Blessing Offor likes to create songs that leaves people with something to think about. Though legally blind, he wowed the judges and made his mark as a contestant on Season 7 of the smash hit competition series, The Voice.

Growing up Hamden, CT, he saw the artists of Motown as his inspiration for singing. “I grew up listening to Lionel Richie and all of them,” he said. “They knew what to do and how to do it right. I really didn’t start to take it seriously at first, but then I started to play piano and I found out, ‘Hey, I’m not bad at this.’ Plus, all of the girls liked it and were really digging me. Not bad for 12 years old.”

Blessing spoke of his time on The Voice, which he said was a great experience. “When I did the blind audition, I was pumped!” he explained. “I did the sound check, there were NO MONITORS and I couldn’t even hear myself. The crowd was really loud, but I told myself, ‘Time to be professional. don’t stop and there are no second takes. Wound getting all chairs turned around. Everyone said for me to pick Gwen (Stefani), but I decided to go with Pharrell. It until was the battle round and I was performing Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do” and I was saying to myself ‘Wow that’s not even original.’ (He is not a fan of doing covers) I went up against Katriz (Trinidad) and she wound up winning.”

It’s never over for Blessing, for he is still doing shows and performing at The Kennedy Center for the Arts. He is planning some tour dates and has plans for an upcoming album.

“I remember it was not too long ago, I was doing a guest spot at a show,” he told. “I was talking to the crowd and was waving my hand to the band for direction. I got no response, so I did it again. Someone had to tell me that the band already left the stage.”

It’s pretty safe to say that he really loves what he does.

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