Hey! Want to attend the LIVE Showtime taping of Hood Comedy Jam December 13th? I am giving away 2 tickets for you and a friend to one of the most hottest and anticipated shows!

16 comics and 6 artist performances in one night!

Ronnie Jordan | Ashima Franklin | Smokey Suarez | Jimmy Martinez | Chaunte Wayans | Ray Lipowski | Brandon T. Jackson | Tony Woods | Howie Bell  | K Dubb
Music by DJ Envy of Power 105.1 FM
Hosted by Rip Micheals of MTV’s Wildn’Out & BET’s According to Him & Her
But wait there’s more!
Not only will you get tickets to the show, but you will also get tickets to attend the afterparty!
The catch? Go to the Memoirs Facebook page and be the 50th person with the answer to this question: Where was Rip Micheals born and raised?
There are also $25 tickets at Eventbrite, but if you are feeling lucky, enter the giveaway now!



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