Vocalist, DJ and producer Anané Vega gives her romantic rendition of Italian singer Mina’s “Parole Parole”, a classic cut originally sung by the admired pop star. The track is an easy listening dialogue between the singer and a soon-to-be former lover, with Mina scoffing at her lover’’s compliments and words. They are empty and have fallen upon deaf ears. Thus, “Parole Parole”.

During a stop in her global travels in Italy, Anané was introduced to the classic. It played on the radio. She inquired and her Italian friends told her about Mina. The song continued to follow her. Upon arriving at her hotel, she discovered she had received the singer’s best of collection as a welcome gift to Italy. The connection between Anané and “Parole Parole” had begun. The idea to remix “Parole Parole” was Anané’’s first attempt to show her gratitude and admiration for the song, Italy and its gracious citizens, who were extremely supportive of Anané’’s work.

Around that time, Anané felt she was ready to start producing her own music. Adding producer titles to her repertoire was a goal for some time now, and just as she evolved from singer/ songwriter to DJ, she was ready to oversee the production of her projects and what better place to start than on the Italian classic, but Anané decided to reproduce “Parole Parole” with new instrumentation instead of just a dance remix.

“This is the first time I’’ve been in charge of the entire production process,” Anané explains. “From the piano player to violinist. This is in addition to singing the vocals. All in all, this is my complete vision for the project. I wanted to keep the Italian classicism of the song intact while adding some dance elements through the instrumentation choices I made. It pays homage to Mina, her amazing song, Italy and its people. I’’m really excited for this project to come out.”” Anané’’s rendition of “Parole Parole” maintains the original’s silky smooth vocals and addictive melody while adding modern energy and texture. It works both for date night or a night out.

Anané’’s “Parole Parole” will be released as a single and will be accompanied by a video that also pays homage to the original Mina performances on Italian television. It’s now released on Vega Records and will be included on the full length CD, “Anané Transcending: …The Best of Anané Vega” dropping Summer 2015.

Video directed by Robert Gay



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