Ix Style (pronounced “eye ex”) is the Mayan word for “water” and for every pair of their sandals purchased, they will donate to provide clean drinking water to children in Guatemala, which is where founder Francesca Kennedy’s family is originally from. “I was inspired to help after seeing the once beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala that I swam in as a child,” she says. “It’s now overrun with blue green algae and a new generation of children collecting and drinking the contaminated water.” 

They have designed a capsule collection with Gap that just launched for Women’s International Month and a capsule collection with Gwyneth Paltrow that launched on her site Goop.com last summer. They also designed an exclusive women’s style this Summer for J.Crew that is available on their site now.

Please read about Francesca’s inspiration, water mission, and ​their​ support ​for amazing ​female artisans at www.ixstyle.com.  The less time children spend collecting contaminated water, the more time they can spend in school.​

Check out more on Ix Style on their video here.

@ixstyle | Ix Style’s Inspirational IG


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