“Toast my glass to the good times I had” is how Konflik starts off “Good Times”, Thought Foundry’s new song about their journey into the music business, and the success they’ve enjoyed so far.

Layers of guitar licks and harmonicas pulse over the track provided by group producer Rediculus as Konflik spits about his rise to being a professional MC and the things he enjoys now that he’s reached this level. As he tells us he’s going go “go harder than Johnny Manziel’s reputation” he confidently flexes his pen to craft punch lines that reinforce his claims of superiority over other rappers.

“Good Times” is the 2nd single off their debut EP, aptly titled Ready for This, which was released on Platformz Records earlier this month. Download the Platformz app here which gives you the ability to stream music from more than one site in one location.

Look for the debut visual from Thought Foundry as well as an East Coast tour this fall and music available exclusively thru the Platformz app as well.

@DaFlik | @Rediculus | @PlatformzMusic


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