In the lead up to the long awaited release The Lover/Fighter Document LP, singer, rapper and musician Jonathan Emile has satiated the appetites of the people for visuals by dropping a brand new video each week. The first was ‘The Century’ featuring the legendary Buckshot from Black Moon, shot on location in New York City. This week, ‘Edge Of The World’ featuring West Coast stalwart Murs hit Vevo, shot in Vermont, New York and Montreal.

The Lover/Fighter Document LP is due for release October 9th with the iTunes pre-order released September 9th – including four tracks available for immediate download and features guest appearances from Buckshot, Murs and of course, Kendrick Lamar, who the Jamaican-Canadian artist asked to be featured on what is now one of his biggest hit single, “Heaven Help Dem”. The project also brings production courtesy of Aphyliated, Lo-Go, MIYEKOW and Jonathan Emile, himself.



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