Annimeanz (pronounced Any Means) is the latest upstart from rapper Glasses Malone’s DMC crew. worked with some of the biggest D.J.’s and artist’s in the West Coast. Some of those artist’s include but are not limited to RAKKA from Dialated Peoples, G. Malone, Rocett, Jayrock, Lala , Hot Dollar, Guerilla Black, and DJs such as D.J. Ill Will, D.J. Money J, DJ Age and many more. Annimeanz has a lyrical ability that has never been seen in a Latino artist and captures his listeners with gritty and blunt commentary about life in the ghetto’s of Southern LA. Annimeanz has been bubbling in the Los Angeles underground for some time now and he released a new single “Like The Westside” featuring Cali singer and songwriters Jake and Papa. It’s his official single since his release from prison a little more then a month ago. You can locate this song in every Sheikh store across the country and they encourage you find out why.



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