Last night, the urban clothing brand that specializes in New York City’s “fertile crescent” of Hip-Hop, Street-art and Punk, teamed up with Australia’s foxiest tattooed street artist for the celebration of release of Deb’s #iHeartDeb 2016 Calendar at the MishkaNYC Clothing Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The calendar was shot in Australia, photographed by Nicole Reed and art directed by one of Deb’s best friends Eddie Zemmet. She explains more about the beginning processes of the calendar. “I shot 12 months in 12 different costumes,” she said. “It was a long photo shoot. 2 full 12 hour days….involved quite a bit of champagne.”

She spoke about the intrication of every photo for the calendar. “I wound up getting this fancy paper printer that only prints on material paper and here’s the thing….I had to paint on this heavy duty paper and I couldn’t make any mistakes. If I made one mistake, it would have been done for. I would have to start all over again. Luckily only two had mistakes. Then the next step was getting the pictures back into file form and have them printed in Austrailia with a company called digital press. It was a process that started in March and we just finished printing 9 days ago, so it was a enormous journey with this whole thing.”

All the photos are no Photoshop, just fine, concentrated painting by Deb. You can pick up the calendar at any of the Mishka stores in San Francisco, L.A. or Brooklyn.

@MishkaNYC | @deb |


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