Celebrity publicist MarieDriven hosted the 4th Annual Cosmo Girls Glam Event held on Saturday, Oct. 24, The event brought together celebrities, designers, music artists, and influencers to help raise funds and awareness for autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Valarie Person, the creator of Cosmo Girls Glam, designed this platform for young upcoming entrepreneurs, fashion designers, models and music artists—to showcase their fashion and talents, while donating funds to well deserving organizations such as The Breast Cancer Association, American Heart Association, Center Against Domestic Violence, and the Ralph Lauren Cancer Center.

The evening began with Chef Roe presenting hors d’oeuvres during the VIP cocktail reception. Patrons mixed and mingled, while jamming to music played by DJ Easy; and then Reggae/Pop artist Barbee opened up the show with her hit single, “WHOA”; and then she passed the microphone to trending Hip-Hop artist, SaeItAintSo, and he performed his single, “On Fleek” (feat. Jerry).

An amazing fashion show followed, and the presenters were Le Rever, Bonna Collection, Mimmy Yeboah, Kholyns Couture, and Light But Heavy Clothing; and in attendance was Lil Mama, WBLS’ Indy Smith, HipHopWeekly’s Cynthia Horner, pop artist Inas X, real estate broker Katherine Salyi, and stylist Phillip Bloch and Kidear Youmans.

The special guest speakers were Sharon Turnages and Eva Thomas, and they educated the crowd on Leukemia and wellness. Sponsors included Empire Beauty School, Deity America, Luis Danvers, Chef Roe Catering Service, Oni-Bodi, My House Gram, Women Chamber of Commerce, and Vitamin water.

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