What do you get when you put together a DJ, 3 dope emcees with some killer animation? One bitchin’ video.

Wu-Tang’s Raekwon and THEM’s Mic Handz collaborates with German emcee King Keil and Italy’s cut master DJ Fastcut putting some international flavor in the Alterbeats- produced single, “Kopf Des Kartells” (“Head of the Cartel” in German). The video, brilliantly directed and animated by StreetHearted Videos,  is actually the 3rd part of a story visualized by King Keil, himself, Street Hearted just edited it to make the story more, in their words, “flowing”.

“The first video followed him and his crew rising through street ranks and taking over the underground by taking out their opponents and doing illegal things of course,” they explained. “The third video follows the culmination of everything, because the police tracks them finally, but they manage to escape the prison and retaliate to the one that ratted them out. Since they were using tanks and killing a lot of people the military had to react, and in the end it left the story open for the 4th installment.”

The additional animation of the emcees gave the video a great touch, but the track over all is a real smooth head nodder. To catch up on the animated story, check out King Keil’s Dopebaron (feat. Ghostface) and Takeover (feat. Busta Rhymes) on Aggro.tv’s YouTube channel.

@Kingkeil | @Raekwon | @therealMICHANDZ @Dj_FastCut



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