Los Angeles emcee Menacin Johnson presents “What It Means”, the first video from Stargate Aquarius, his forthcoming collaboration album with L.A. producer Duke Westlake. The song also features songstress Rain Bisou, whose upcoming debut EP entitled Lucid Dreams (a collaborative project with Steelo Free, poet, producer, songwriter and lead singer of the South Bay Hip Hop/Reggae band Suspect Ed) is dropping soon. Rain is known for her 90’s era hip hop production style, laced with the resurrected nuances of such beloved Pop/R&B divas as Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Selena, and Alicia Keys.

“What It Means” is a feel good Hip Hop song, based in Golden Era roots, about reaching for your higher self, & enjoying life in the moment.

“When Eric Heights and I got together to shoot the visuals for this song we wanted it to match the vibe and feeling of it with bright colors, crystal clear visuals and a throwback theme,” says Menacin. “We added crazy filters to give it a 80s post 90ish meets 2015 vibe. We went up the coast to shoot it and were able to get a classic G ride to complete that vintage feel.”

“What It Means” out now on iTunes.

@menacinjohnson | @RainBisou


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