Increasing awareness of hip hop’s artistic and cultural contributions through journalism, original research and public outreach.

3 out of 10 adults say that hip hop needs to be taught in schools, so what better way to celebrate #GivingTuesday by focusing on one of the most crucial elements of hip hop: Knowledge.

The mission of The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy is to broaden public perception of hip-hop music and culture, ensuring that varied and continuing contributions to multiple fields and disciplines are fairly and accurately documented and communicated. The Center focuses on highlighting hip-hop’s contributions in areas including, but not limited to, music and the arts, education, activism, politics, community, health, sciences, well-being and philosophy.

In simplest terms, we exist to help tell hip-hop’s complete story, past, present and future, from an independent perspective, to inform, educate and inspire while protecting and promoting the cultural, artistic and community-based aspects of hip-hop as a whole.

So, where does the money go?


Examining hip-hop’s reputation, the trends in attitudes and activities related to hip-hop, and hip-hop’s role in activism, business, commerce, the community, education, entertainment, and politics. Your donation will help us cover the direct costs associated with data collection, and the communication of the research findings across multiple media and formats.


Original reporting that highlights hip-hop’s expansive artistic and cultural contributions. Advocacy journalism that challenges misconceptions and misdirection about the music and culture. Your donation will help us cover the direct costs of content creation, including writers, editors, photographers, videographers, and the distribution of content across multiple media,formats and technologies.


Constant communication with the public is vital. Hip-hop is a proven tool for teaching as well as healing. Your donation will help us cover the direct costs of conducting workshops and town hall meetings discussing how the hip-hop community & social issues intersect, as well as educational seminars helping to demonstrate hip-hop’s vast artistic, cultural and educational merit.


Staying on the cutting edge of technology ensures our mission stays relevant and visible. Your donation will help us cover the direct costs of website and app development, printing costs, social media management, cybersecurity, marketing and administrative support. See more at The Fractured Atlas Website.

Show your support! @hiphopadvocacy | Hip Hop Advocacy Website


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