On December 18th, ORDER 66 will be initiated throughout the known universe marking the long anticipated transferal of control back to the creators of the culture. This, being the last hip-hop album in all of humanity, will seal the final chapter on a musical genre that has seen its way from the corners of The Bronx to every corner of the planet.

DJ Ready Cee has assembled an elite squadron of today’s most gifted emcees to fuse precise rhymes over jaw splitting beats that attack today’s standards and raise the stakes for future generations. ORDER 66 is a non-stop audio odyssey from beginning to end and keeps the listener engaged without a moment’s break. With prominent artists like Homeboy Sandman, El Gant & Termanology providing lyrical landscapes along with legendary Hip Hop prodigies such as A.G. of D.I.T.C. (Digging In The Crates), Shabaam Sahdeeq, John Robinson, and the already released Kamala x Bankai Fam  single “Kamalakai”, ORDER 66 is assured to appease any listener’s ear.


01 | DJ Ready Cee – The Eradicator

02 | Spit Gemz & Shabaam Sahdeeq – News At 11

03 | Kamala (DJ Ready Cee, El Gant & Parakhan) ft. Bankai Fam – Kamalakai (Cuts by DJ Snuu)

04 | Tabu The Starkiller & D-Ology – 1033

05 | Bankai Fam & D-Strong – Thin Black Line

06 | Shabaam Sahdeeq – Skillet

07 | D-Strong – While The Earth Turns (Cuts by DJ Snuu)

08 | AG – The Bronx Is Best (Produced by Parakhan)

09 | Milano Constantine – Fly Dialog

10 | Manny Garcia & Termanology – Latino Unification (Cuts by Statik Selektah)

11 | B-Boy – McGregor Park

12 | Ill Dosage & Cas Bubbzarelli – Rhymes Stick

13 | Homeboy Sandman, El Gant, Hash Mills & John Robinson – The Offering 14 | El Gant & Skanks – Kill Or Die (BONUS CD-ONLY TRACK)

ORDER 66 is available now exclusively on DJ Ready Cee’s website, but will be available Friday, December 18th on Itunes, Google Play and most other major digital outlets around the world.



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