Born In Elizabeth NJ and raised in Roselle, Cash Burner 5000 is an artist who lyrics hit you right in your heart. Passionate about his craft, he makes music with substance that lacks off now days speaking on social issues dealing with the world and the everyday life struggles He seen both sides of life, the good and bad. He has been featured on This is 50  and independent radio stations nationally.

For 2016, Cash is coming into the 1st Quarter with a point to prove. There’s always gonna be haters, but Cash is very aware of the nonsense when it comes to “fake cats” as well as “fake chicks”. The single’s eye crack was made by one of the best directors in the game right now, Donald Robinson Cole, better known as MegaDon. “Stay Down” is a smooth, melodic, charismatic but gritty track produced by Brooklyn beat maker BonafideBeats and it’s just what Cash Burner needed to let the world know how it’s hard to find authentic people now days and how you must keep the people who are genuine in your life close to you. By the way, we can’t forget to mention the guest appearance from his comrade Innocent?. Stay down with CB5K & stay tuned for Therapeutic Poetry project dropping January!


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