The group Undeniable are two brothas from Queens, O7 and Sinnagi who considers legends such as Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, and Kool G Rap as heavy musical influences. Undeniable received a nomination from the Independent Music Awards for the Reno-produced track, Blue B.A.C.O.N., a track who O7 proclaims in a recent interview, is “an expression of frustration and disgust at the unjust and brutal treatment people suffer at the hands of the NYPD.”

As far as Undeniable’s latest release, cinematic would be the best way to describe the dialogue. “Burgundy” takes hip hop in a direction that it hasn’t gone before. You get a chance to eavesdrop on a conversation between O7, Sinnagi and Hazernomica. Inspired by unforgettable drunken nights & crazy conversations and who hasn’t had some of them days. From the drink from their minds to your palette, this is a part of storytelling at best. You can grab the free download on Undeniable’s website.


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