Pressure (aka Pressure Busspipe) is a reggae artist from Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and is known for his commitment to the Rastafari movement. He gained his early experience working on the Star Lion sound system in the late 1990s. His debut album, The Pressure Is On, was produced by Dean Pond and released in 2005. He had a hit in Jamaica in 2007 with a remixed version of “Love and Affection”, a song originally recorded for Pond but updated by producer Don Corleon. Since then he came out with a string of albums, working with producers Trevor “Baby G” James in Jamaica and Damian and Stephen Marley in Miami. He became a victim of gunfire and brought awareness to rise in violent crime in the islands, organizing a peace concert in St. Thomas in August 2013. He’s still in the game of making music, currently with a new single called “Live Life”, which is produced by The Heatmakerz. The single is out now for download on iTunes.


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