When the chips are down, when the struggle is real, when times are hard, there is always hopes and reasons to keep believing and re-inventing. This faith in the passion of music, in the capability of doing great things and becoming a better human being despite the unfair societies we all live in is the very core of the Smile EP, out March 1st,

Smile is made of 7 brand new classic hip hop songs (also delivered in instrumental versions), entirely produced by Odweeyne, who invited the Canadian flame spitter Unknown Mizery to lay down sharpen lines over his sharpen beats.

“Royal Flush” is the first single from the upcoming Smile EP and give you all the reasons to pay attention to the body of work that Odweeyne creates releases after release. Now you definitely have no excuses to keep knocking your head to it and smiling at the same time!

Speaking of the producer, Parisian born DJ/producer, Odweeyne is first of all, a crate-digger, hip-hop and vinyl lover, and the producer from the Parisian label, So Cracked Lab. Quickly he was DJ for various artists on stage or in studio, this will lead naturally for him to beat production. Child of The 90s, he uses only breaks and samples that he crafts with the usual suspects, SP 1200, S950, E6400 ultra and MPC 2000 xl, to create a warm, dusty and hypnotic sound.

With musical influences going from The Bomb Squad, Lord Finesse, Buckwild, Diamond D, Easy Mo Bee, T-Ray, Nick Wiz, Dj Muggs, The Beatnuts, K-Def, Beatminerz, Ray West, Madlib, his projects are both instrumentals and in collaboration with artists sharing the same vision of Hip-Hop. He has already worked with A.G, Sadat X, The Legion, Awon, B.White & Mayo of The 58’s & REAK.

@SoCrackedLab | @unknownmizery | @TheBridgePromo

Follow Shamika Sanders on Twitter and tune into The Miss Independent Show starting Super Bowl Sunday at 10PM on 100.1 The Heat!


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