DLabrie came up during hip-hop’s golden age, witnessing the rise of West Coast hip hop in the early 90’s. A firsthand witness to the Indy grind of his hometown, he began distributing his music in 2001, starting his own label RonDavoux Records, pushing over 80,000+ units, having music appear on MTV, CNN, NBC, BET, TV1 and being featured on a number of tours. As a community leader with Hip Hop Congress, DLabrie has traveled all over the world using hip hop as a vehicle to organize artists, activists, educators and youth alike.

For Black History Month, RDV films present their most powerful visual to date, “Stay Black & Die” featuring M1 of the legendary hip-hop duo Dead Prez & The Jacka. Filmed in Brooklyn, Oakland and various areas, #SBAD is also a tribute to Bay Area legend “The Jacka” who was a part of the song but never got to see the finished project.

“It’s the one year anniversary of Jacka’s passing on 2/2/16, so everyone will be celebrating his life.” DLabrie explains. “In honor of his legacy, we are doing a film Screening tour of #SBAD at schools, colleges, and community centers so we can discuss important issues during Black History Month.”

You can grab the single on iTunes & Bandcamp and grab DLabrie’s Official Android app available on Google Play!

@DLabrie | @RDVpromo

Follow Shamika Sanders on Twitter and look for The Miss Independent Show coming soon on Sundays at 10PM on 100.1 The Heat!


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