Arcology recognizes the necessity for radical reorganization of sprawling urban landscape into dense, integrated, three-dimensional cities ion order to support the complex activities that sustain human culture. – Paolo Soleri (1919-2013)

The Nicholas K runway show was simply entitled “Arcosanti”, named after the Cosanti Foundation, a not-for-profit educational organization devoted to the support of late founder and visionary architect Soleri’s noted architectural and urban planning research. Today, the primary areas of the Foundation’s work are:

• Educating students, design professionals, urban planners, and the general public about Soleri’s architectural concepts and philosophy.

• Ensuring the continuing construction of Arcosanti, according to the Arcology concept. This has been the main ongoing project of the Cosanti Foundation since 1970.

• Hosting educational and cultural conferences, as well as performing arts events, on a regular basis.

Arcology is a portmanteau of “architecture” and “ecology”, is a vision of architectural design principles for very densely populated habitats. The concept has been primarily popularized, and the term itself coined by Soleri, himself.

Nicholas K’s Arcosanti collection consisted of ponchos, knitted dresses kafitans, headwraps and 70s silhouettes of mostly dark and earth palettes of monsoon, nightshade, carbon, and mauve; made in the finest materials of satin, velvet, peached cotton, and Pervian Alpaca.

“Arcosanti’s message is that “Life is in the thick of things,” Cosanti president Jefferey Stein says. “We are not futurists. We are not trying to predict the future with this project; we are trying to design it out of what we klnow about the present. Let me just confide what we do know: The current global tsunami of consumption – of objects, materials, energy and land – is leading to disaster, both economic and ecological. For the whole world’s population – 7 billion people – to live the way 314 million Americans live now, would take 5 Earths to support. This is no joke.”

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Hair by @MACADAMIAHAIR. Wooden hair sticks by @ARTISTRICKMCCOY. “Nightshade” makeup by @STILACOSMETICS. Nails by @DERMELECT.

For more on the Cosanti Foundation, visit



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