On February 14th, iFashion Network and CAAFD, are proud to present the next collective from a long line of promising emerging talents as part of the I’MPOSSIBLE Challenge; highlighting two emerging designers; Pedram Karimi and Rosenthal Tee for the New York Fashion Week .

The I’mpossible Challenge is all about empowering and bringing focus to young emerging and promising fashion designers who stand above the rest, and the designers in this set, Rosenthal Tee and Pedram Karimi, both have what it takes to be among tomorrow’s top creative moguls. These designers are great examples of what the I’MPOSSIBLE Challenge sets out to highlight.

Pedram Karimi is based out of Montreal, and showcases an entirely unique style, creating his own brand of genderless clothing. He is known for focusing on structural forms and progressive silhouettes in luxury fabrications, something most people have never seen before. Gritty, sentimental, physical and sophisticated are words often associated with Pedram and his works. He gained his insight into the fashion world at the London College of Fashion, before moving to Canada and attending the International LaSalle College. His designs can be found on his website.

Rosenthal Tee, based out of the Philippines, takes immense pride in perfectly melding the contours of landscapes, the threads of culture, and the patterns of architecture from vibrant Manila and bustling London, two locations extremely important to her. Rosenthal is known for her luxury ready-to-wear in the Philippines, where it is a bestseller, and also for her works that have adorned countless Filipino celebrities. Her style is a mix of youthful creativity combined with a top of the line fashion education earned in the London campus of Istituto Marangoni, where she earned her Masters Fashion Design Womenswear with distinction. You can find Rosenthal’s designs at her website.

iFashion Network is an online portal for everything new and groundbreaking in fashion. It is a global fashion hub, providing articles on designers, events, menswear, women’s wear, shopping, trends, and all the behind the scenes info you could ever want, delivered by unique personalities who know the fashion world inside and out. iFashion Network also boasts several industry leading original fashion-focused internet television shows. More information can be found at: http://www.ifashionnetwork.com

CAAFD stands for the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers. CAAFD is a non-profit organization founded through a collaborative effort by a few key pioneers in the fashion industry with the ambitious goal of backing designers who aspire to do business in the United States. CAAFD educates, promotes and empowers aspiring designers and fashion professionals in gaining a foothold in the fashion business, giving them every opportunity to become the renowned designer they yearn to be. More information can be found at the CAAFD website.

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@PedramKarimi | @rosenthaltee

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